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“Your magazine is wonderful. I read every line, even the ads...”
- Kathy

“We’ve just moved here and I was so delighted to receive your magazine in my mailbox. It’s just what we need to get acquainted with our community and it is refreshingly devoid of politics and crime. Thank you!”
- Gary

“We receive your monthly publication mailed to our home and it's quite honestly, a breath of fresh air. I love that it is filled with positive and uplifting "good news" about our neighbors.”
- Bob

“Our local magazine is about as refreshing as it gets – each month we all get a magazine highlighting what’s GOOD in the community. It’s honestly the only thing we receive in the mail that we actually read. It’s beautifully designed, engaging, and we save every issue.”
- Darlene

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Our private monthly magazines are exclusively for the residents of the communities we serve. They are delivered monthly via the USPS and free to residents that live in our service area.

If you live in Calistoga, the Palisades, Knights Valley or Franz Valley for Calistoga Living, or St. Helena, Deer Park or Rutherford for St. Helena Living and you are not receiving our magazine and would like to be added to our mailing list, please let us know by submitting your address in the form here.

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Our readers nominate our cover features and volunteer spotlights! We work to represent our community; newcomers, multigenerational locals, young families, often people that have a service heart and that live around here.    

For our cover feature articles we require multiple nominations to advance for consideration. After all, we only have 12 covers every year in each community that we serve. We all have a story to share! All nominations are blind. If you would like to nominate someone for a cover or inside feature, click here to submit!

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