Why did we launch our private community serving magazines with integrated digital solutions? For me, it’s simple. After decades as a strategist and business development consultant it was time to bring it home to local.  

Just think of how rapidly our world has shifted with the internet and the smart phone. What once took days to deliver via snail mail shifted to faxes with curly paper. Then, almost overnight we have smart phones and today the average American spends over 4 hours on their smart device. I, for one am a big fan of unplugging regularly! We are inundated with hard news across so many different platforms, print, broadcast, multiple news channels, and streaming services.  

It’s important to stay current and that takes more than scanning headlines, or “click bait”. I recently had a frustrating conversation with a nephew that had read so many headlines he thought he actually understood the subject. Guess what? He hadn’t even clicked through to read an article (because he had used up his free articles) and didn’t have enough information to have an informed opinion. What’s more, according to Google we see on average 6,000 – 10,000 ads and brands every single day.  

Our magazines don’t carry hard news. There are too many news groups and channels that are competing to do just that. Instead, we focus on the human interest side; sharing our communities’ stories. Some inspire us, others make us think, help us deepen existing connections and meet new neighbors right here at home. We share philanthropy, community events, and so much more.

In every community we serve, we work to deepen connections and to strengthen the local economy by helping businesses and nonprofits build their customer base. We encourage our locals to buy, experience and use local goods and services when possible.

Resilient communities take time and effort. We believe that every community is worth it, especially when it’s home.

Integrated Digital & Print Solutions Consultant
Founder and Publisher of
Calistoga Living & St. Helena Living